Factors for Improving Sustainability

The federal government has established a Code for Sustainable Homes to clarify the qualifications that help builders improve sustainability. Some of the following factors are mandatory to be considered within the code, and some are simply recommended.

Emissions and Usage
To be considered sustainable, your home must not exceed the maximum CO2 emissions. Along the same lines, it also must not use more than the maximum energy allowed by the code.

Water Usage
Another mandatory category for a sustainable rating is limiting water usage. There are several things builders can do to lower your water consumption. You can upgrade to a greywater recycling system so that you are using less water for certain functions. Low-flow toilets and other mechanisms can also be installed.

Controlling surface run-off has two benefits. First, it helps to minimize the risk of flooding. Second, when redirected, it can be used as a sustainable energy source.

Construction Waste
Traditional construction practices create a lot of waste. To build more sustainable homes, the contractor must adopt techniques that minimize the amount of waste produced.

Having a sustainable house starts with the materials used to build it. While there are not specific material requirements within the code itself, many builders have started using products that have a lower carbon footprint than traditional materials.

The amount of pollution generated in both the construction and the ongoing use of the home is a factor in how ecologically friendly it is. Builders and homeowners who are concerned with the environment should do everything they can to minimize the amount of pollution caused. They should also pay close attention to the building’s effect on the biodiversity and natural ecosystem of the area.

Physical Health
Finally, the health of the home’s inhabitants can tell you a lot about how sustainable the home actually is. Its impact on you and your family makes a difference.

There are many factors that contribute to a building’s environmental impact. To build sustainable homes, contractors must take these factors into consideration.