Our Founding

Sustainable Homes Inc. is owned by the Darrel McMaster Family.  Darrel has been building homes for 44 years, he comes from a family that has been in the homebuilding industry since 1945.  He is a master builder with experience in Production building, multifamily and custom homes.

In 2006 the McMaster’s changed directions and set out to build homes that would run 100% off of the environment.  With each home being its own laboratory, we were able to glean performance information to reduce the power demand by 70% over a standard built home.

By 2009 we built our first Point Source Home™, a home that generates all the utility need of the home on site and will power the owner’s transportation, that home was generation III, we are now building Generation V.  Recently we were in Washington DC and were told by government officials our homes were “Net-Zero Carbon”.  No matter what name you place on our homes we will continue to build homes that are healthy to live in, great for the environment and even better for our owner’s bottom line.  Imagine homes with no utility bills including powering the owner’s transportation.

A Sustainable Transition

Nearly four decades later, Sustainable Homes, Inc. has established itself as the national leader in building fully sustainable, third party-verified homes. In the last three years alone, Sustainable Homes has built over 50% of the highest scoring verified homes (as rated by the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program) in the state of Texas, and 10% nationally.

Our latest net zero energy home, which we call our Point Source Home, has set an even higher standard for energy-efficiency, with features that include:

  • 100% Rainwater Harvesting for all household water needs
  • Aerobic septic system/on-site waste-water
  • Geothermal HVAC
  • An enhanced (PV) Solar Array to power the owner’s Electric Vehicle

Our Mission

We seek like-minded individuals, who know that they were created for a purpose, to make a life changing impact on the world around them.

That purpose will generate a fire of passion that others cannot extinguish. From that passion will flow life-changing impact on the world around them.

Building the Future

Imagine! A Point Source Home that, in addition to handling all of the household’s energy needs, is also equipped to power the owner’s vehicle. It is futuristic innovations like this that have positioned Sustainable Homes, Inc. as a thought-leader in the field of sustainable construction systems, materials and techniques. We are proud of our homes and the way they enable Texas families to live so lightly on the land. Our goal is to continue perfecting our knowledge of sustainable building technologies and to keep getting better at what we already do best:

“Building Tomorrow’s Homes Today.”





We are proud to provide our services to residents of Texas situated within a 200 mile radius of our headquarters in Boerne. Whether you are just beginning to explore your custom home options or are actively considering investing in a sustainable development, we would like to help you learn more about our systems and processes. At that time we can also schedule an appointment for a free consultation that includes a detailed quote to help you decide whether a custom home from Sustainable Homes, Inc. is the perfect kind of home for you and your family.




Get in touch with Sustainable Homes, Inc. to learn more about the energy-saving technologies and innovations that are the foundation and hallmark of our Point Source Homes. Whether you are just beginning to explore custom home options or are investigating sustainable developments with an eye to investing, we would like to help you learn more. Simply give us a call at 830-537-5290 or contact us using the button below, and we will get back to you promptly. We would also be happy to schedule an appointment for a consultation, including a detailed quote, to help you decide whether a custom home from Sustainable Homes, Inc. would be the perfect kind of home for you and your family.