Benefits of Geothermal Energy for Your Home

If you’re exploring new heating and cooling systems, geothermal energy is an efficient and environmentally friendly option to consider. A geothermal heating and cooling system uses the temperature from underneath the ground, which is relatively constant, to control your home’s climate. It draws warmth into your home in the winter and transfers your home’s heat into the ground in the summer. A geothermal system can also be equipped to heat water.

More Efficient to Operate

Geothermal systems are efficient as compared to other heating and cooling methods, which means they keep you comfortable and have lower energy costs. Even when it’s icy cold or blazingly hot outside, the geothermal energy underneath the ground isn’t subject to the same extremes. In addition to lower energy bills, you might also receive tax credits and incentives from your energy company. A knowledgeable geothermal company can advise you on what’s available in your area.

Better for the Environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a geothermal heating and cooling system consumes less energy than heat pumps, electric resistance heating and central air conditioners. Unlike oil, coal and propane, geothermal energy is a renewable resource. You also don’t need to worry about fuel price fluctuations and shortages.

Quieter to Run

A geothermal system has few moving parts above the ground so it’s typically quieter than other heating and cooling systems. It doesn’t require a compressor and fan outside your home that can thump on and off and rumble like some central air conditioning systems.

If you are considering a geothermal heating and cooling system, it’s important to get professional guidance. The installation process and costs can vary depending on your soil type, the amount of room and other factors. A company with expertise in sustainable energy can help you determine if geothermal energy is the best solution for your home and help you plan the right type of system.